Which CrossFit WOD Are You?

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Which of these 10 CrossFit girl WOD’s best suits your personality?


You are short in stature, and you talk a million miles an hour. You regularly brag about your CrossFit expertise and how you are well known in the CrossFit world.

You probably do not lock out your thrusters.



You are even shorter in stature (coz, CrossFit). You are thick, with tiny arms. Like a dinosaur. You go up and down quick and you are aggressive.

You definitely take pre-workout.



Your body doesn’t matter; what matters is that you are a winner. Safety? Who cares, you are here for a good time not a long time. You don’t improve your CrossFit times but they were good to begin with, so who cares?

You don’t know what mobility is.



You are beautiful, and you know it. You are more interested in looking good than moving quickly, but it pays off in the end. You are too pretentious to have many friends, but you prefer it that way because you are better than everyone else.

You are probably a coach.



You are Grace, but bigger. You use your size to intimidate people and barbells. People respect you but it’s mostly through fear. When coach asks you to pair up, you are always last one standing, just like in P.E.

You don’t care though.



Bouncy and perky, you love to run. You keep your Asics after years of CrossFit because you KNOW they come in handy. Even though you are Kelly, you scale the wall ball weight because you don’t need nothing slowing you down.

You drink a lot of coffee and you are a vegan.


Do you even CrossFit? You are actually a power lifter who somehow managed to learn “fast elbows”. You have a 10 pass CrossFit membership for heavy days so you can feel good. Cardio doesn’t exist because it doesn’t give you the beach pump.

You drink rum and coke.



You repeat yourself regularly to prove your point, because no one takes you seriously. You are well known within your gym, but people seem to forget your name. You would rather stack 10 of the “little” weights than have one “big” weight on each side because you are crazy.

You are light like a feather.



You give CrossFit a scary name. The term “give me 100 push-ups” was coined by you. You’ve never touched a barbell because gymnastics is the purest of sports.

You have 4% body fat.



You always have strange marks on your battered body, whether it is a rash that burns when you shower or very questionable whip marks. You love talking about these ailments to anyone who will listen, and you pride yourself on withstanding continued physical pain.

You are a pain.

Ellie Bowden