What people say about us


Lara Torrance

“Things that would previously make me anxious have less of an impact”

I had no doubts coming to Cultivar.

Ellie and Alex have both been my coaches previously, and knowing how great they were with me and my history with injuries, I knew the team would take the time to support me and scale back (modify) any movements.

We have members of all ability levels, but best of all, we already have a community that care about each other. Saturday’s are the best - a partner workout, followed by coffee and catch ups.

In addition to all of that, the mindset program has been the biggest benefit for me. It has enabled me to look at challenges I have (both in CrossFit and in general life) and how I can over come them. Things that would previously make me anxious have less of an impact, and anything that does have an impact I work through with my coach.

Like Ellie said - PT for the Brain. It makes perfect sense now.

Richard Adams

I am 100% better everyday for doing CrossFit”

I have loved training at Cultivar and I have improved my fitness, lifting and technical skills due to the attention to detail and care shown by the coaches here.

The biggest benefit for me has been the attention the coaches give you and the flexibility to scale or adjust the class and exercises to suit how I am feeling on that particular day. Just because you cant do a particular movement or exercise doesn't mean you can’t go to class; it just means that you find an alternative by working with the coach around any injuries or concerns you may have. Believe me, I know as I have had a back injury for over 4 years now. I am 100% better day to day for doing CrossFit.

I would much rather walk into a new CrossFit gym than an ordinary gym as the people are so supportive and welcoming. I had no doubt that technically and physically I could only get better training at Cultivar as the coaches are meticulous in their approach to each and every athlete, regardless of fitness or technical ability.

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Sarah Farnden

“Such a great environment for newbies and experienced athletes alike”

I’m recovering from neck surgery and the Coaches are fantastic at altering the workout so I can still get a workout done that’s within my current limits. Loving going to Cultivar Health. Such a great environment for newbies and experienced athletes alike.

It’s a great size, fit out has been done with the obvious knowledge of having previously run successful gyms. Having a shower and coffee and ability to access open gym are extra great bonuses.

Really enjoying the programming and great coaching.